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Offer your capacities in  CNC machining for new clients

Are you engaged in CNC machining of metals, wood, glass or plastic and want to find new clients in the Czech Republic or on attractive foreign markets? The demand for reliable partners in the field of CNC production is high, and if you find an effective way to offer your capacities, you can get very interesting orders.


CNC machining (milling, turning, drilling) is a modern, fast and precise way of so-called chip machining, which is used in large-scale and small-scale production.

The abbreviation CNC represents the English term “Computer Numeric Control”, which can be translated as “numerical control using a computer”. CNC machines are therefore computer-controlled machine tools.

Czech companies that offer custom CNC machining of steel, aluminum, cast iron, wood, and other materials have the advantage that Czech engineering – and therefore custom CNC production – has a very good reputation in the world . So if these companies can effectively identify and approach potential partners, they have a great chance of success.

4 cases where you can offer your capabilities in CNC machining

There are many situations where it may be the right step to pursue new CNC jobs. We list some of those that motivated our clients to make the mentioned decision:

1. You have invested in the expansion of CNC production

You bought a new CNC lathe or other machine tool, or you recruited new employees , and thus your production capacity expanded. If it is not automatically “occupied” by your current satisfied subscribers, it is worth letting other potential clients know about you.

2. Your cooperation with a large customer has ended

Whether the cooperation with your customer has ended or died down for whatever reason, you don’t have to take it only as an inconvenience, but also as an opportunity . If you correctly define the profile of the ideal client and approach companies that correspond to it, you can establish cooperation that will mark a milestone for your company.

3. You want to move on

Maybe you are currently in demand for CNC machining (milling, turning…) and there are quite a few of them. But at the same time, you know that you have top machines at your disposal, as well as rich technical knowledge and experience. You then logically think about how to reach potential customers who appreciate products and services with higher added value .

4. You want to get a more varied composition of clients

Relying on one large customer may not pay off. This is generally true, and custom CNC machining is of course no exception. Especially when there is an economic downturn or even an economic crisis, your “chance of survival” is significantly increased by a diversified portfolio of clients.

Get attractive CNC orders with Intedat

Intedat is a lean, efficient and affordable solution for every company that offers CNC production to order and wants to offer its free capacities to other potential clients.

With Intedat you get:

  • top-notch, continuously updated company database (up to 100 million companies in the world and 1.5 million companies in the Czech Republic)
  • information about decision-making managers, often including direct contacts
  • an intuitive application that will make your business processes more efficient
  • possibility to link data from Intedat with your CRM system

The Intedat company database offers advanced filtering options . You can filter individual companies according to size (number of employees, turnover), according to the location where they operate, and of course also according to the field of activity.

You can easily find companies in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia and other countries that could potentially be interested in your CNC products.

At the same time, you can easily make sure that these companies match your ideal client profile . And if so, you immediately have up-to-date contacts and an overview of decision-making managers. This ensures that you are reaching the right people at the right companies.

And if you yourself do not have the capacity to contact potential clients , we will be happy to do it for you – on your behalf and in their language, professionally and systematically.

Our customers in the field of CNC machining

During our existence, we have cooperated with a number of companies to obtain attractive requests in the field of CNC production. We would like to introduce you to at least some of them:


The company KOVO PRODUKT s.r.o. deals with precision engineering production in the field of CNC machining and CNC milling . It specializes in one-piece and small-series production of machined parts, including surface treatments. Most of its production goes to foreign markets, especially to Switzerland.

Metal Haken

The Kojetick family company Kovo Haken s.r.o. deals with metal machining on both conventional and CNC machines. It offers its customers tailor-made products according to their specifications and relies on reliability and flexibility. It is dedicated to small and medium series production, including heat treatment and surface treatments.


LAUB-KOVOVÝROBA, s.r.o. is also a family business, this time based in Vidonín near Velké Meziříčí. They specialize here in CNC machining and precise chip machining of metals and plastics . They are engaged in medium- to large-scale production and try to meet the needs of their customers as much as possible. Their other field is locksmith work – production and assembly of steel structures.


The company NATURA DK, as operates in the premises of the former sugar factory in Novobydžov and deals with engineering production and services for agriculture and trade. In the field of mechanical engineering , CNC also offers conventional machining , welding, cutting of metal materials, bending and surface treatment.


The company RoTech s.r.o. from Žatec deals with CNC milling and CNC turning , mainly at the level of piece and small series production. In addition to the machining itself, it also offers the supply of the necessary material, the processing of production documentation, or surface treatments. It also deals with construction and development.

Strujírna Vrága

Plzeňská Strojírna Vrága s.r.o. was established in 2005 and is engaged in, among other things , CNC turning of flanges and labyrinths and CNC milling (2D and 3D). It produces milled and turned parts, threads and higher assembly units. It has ISO 9001 certification and its customers include, for example, companies in the automotive and aviation industries both in the Czech Republic and in the EU.

Get interesting CNC jobs too. Effectively

Do you want to get new customers for your CNC products and at the same time save time, nerves and up to 60% of business costs?

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What potential does our cooperation have?

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Why to expand with us?

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What do our clients say about us?

"We develop and manufacture packaging for all sectors of industry. With the help of Intedat we reached potential customers in the Czech Republic and we are very satisfied with the campaign. From the segments addressed, we are receiving inquiries and requests for supply options."

Michal Turoň

Michal Turoň
Sales Director

"We specialise in the production of machined parts including surface treatments. Intedat offered our capacity to engineering companies in Germany and Switzerland. As a result, new orders exceeding CZK 1 million were placed. We are negotiating with other customers."

Lukáš Jírový

Lukáš Jírový
Managing Director

"I am pleasantly surprised by the result of the cooperation with Intedat. Their approach is professional. The application is very good. It makes it easier to work with leads and has analytics. We have an overview of how many companies have been approached and how many have expressed interest in our products."

Antonín Vlček

Antonín Vlček
Sales Director

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