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We also acquire new clients for recruitment agencies

Personnel and employment agencies are an integral part of the modern labor market. They represent a bridge between employees and  potential employers. They help job seekers find their dream jobs and companies identify promising candidates.

There are currently around 2,000 recruitment agencies in the Czech Republic (from smaller local players to branches of major international companies) and approximately the same number of employment agencies. Along with low unemployment, this naturally creates a highly competitive environment.

Personnel and employment agencies must therefore constantly remember their business development . Only those that can reach a sufficient number of applicants and companies (future employers) will survive on the market.

Many of them were helped by Intedat.

So if you have a job or personnel agency and would like to get new, attractive business opportunities, skip straight to the end of the article or contact us for a free consultation .

We will now look at two terms from the world of personnel studies, which at first glance may look like synonyms – but they are not.

Personal vs. employment agency – what’s the difference?

Although the terms “recruitment agency” and “employment agency” are sometimes confused, in reality there is quite a big difference between them:

  • A personnel agency (known as “personnelka”) searches for suitable candidates for specific job positions for individual companies based on their specifications. It is important that the agency does not conclude any employment contract with the employee . An employment law relationship arises only between an employee and a specific company.
  • An employment agency (or “employment agency”) employs job applicants themselves and then provides them to companies that have expressed an interest in them. According to the law, agency workers should have comparable conditions to regular employees.

Personnel agencies from the point of view of applicants and companies

Using the services of a staffing agency can be beneficial for both the job seeker and the potential employer.

Benefits for applicants

Staffing agencies have a great overview of the labor market and often have long-term contacts with employers. Therefore, in many cases, they learn about interesting job offers even before these offers appear, for example, on job portals.

In addition, experts from staffing agencies can, based on their experience, recommend to the applicant a position that he might not even consider himself.

There are also specialized personnel (or employment) agencies for foreigners that help workers from both the European Union and third countries find employment. In addition, they often help companies with the necessary administration.

And if, on the other hand, a Czech citizen is attracted to work abroad (for example, work in Germany, Austria or the USA), using the services of a personnel or employment agency may be the easiest solution for him.

Benefits for companies

Finding quality employees in some fields is currently an almost superhuman task. This is also why many companies outsource the recruitment of employees to personnel agencies.

At the same time, some recruitment agencies also offer employment agency services, so they can provide their clients with, for example:

  • Agency employment , thanks to which companies can, among other things, easily cover seasonal fluctuations
  • Recruitment – ​​searching for and addressing candidates, conducting selection procedures, etc.
  • A personnel audit that will show how to increase company performance and improve human resource management
  • Outplacement , i.e. care for laid-off employees, which contributes to maintaining the good name of the company

Personnel agencies and Intedat

Staffing and employment agencies with Intedat acquire new customers in the country and abroad and save more than 60% of business development costs .

We offer our clients:

  • top-notch, continuously updated company database (up to 100 million companies in the world and 1.5 million companies in the Czech Republic)
  • information about decision-making managers, often including direct contacts
  • an intuitive application that will make their business processes more efficient
  • possibility to link data from Intedat with their CRM system

Through our Intedat Connect or Intedat Business solution , we have helped a number of larger and smaller staffing and employment agencies acquire new business opportunities.

Here are some of them:


The Dutch company Randstad is one of the most important personnel agencies in the world. It operates in 39 countries and has almost 50,000 employees. As of November 2018, it is the largest provider of HR services worldwide. It entered the Czech market in 2008 and operates here under the name Randstad HR Solutions s.r.o


The personnel-consulting company SYNERGIE TEMPORARY HELP, s.r.o. offers services in the field of agency employment and recruitment. It has been operating on the Czech market for over 25 years and is a member of the European SYNERGIE Group. It has 750 branches in 17 countries and 4,400 regular employees.

Sorilea job

The experts of the company Sorilea job s.r.o., which is presented on the FlexiHRSolutions website, combine their experience and know-how from the metal industry and the human resources sector. They provide long-term regular employees and agency workers for Czech and foreign clients (mainly from the field of engineering).

HR Direct

The HR Direct s.r.o. team has been providing a wide range of HR services for candidates and potential employers for 20 years. In addition to searching for suitable candidates, it also offers companies salary research, personnel audits or outplacement services, for example career coaching or personnel consulting.


Personnel and employment agency ManpowerGroup s.r.o. is part of an international group that operates in more than 80 countries and has almost 4,400 branches. It came to the Czech market already in 1991. It is dedicated to short-term and permanent recruitment, talent development and education, and is based on an ethical approach and compliance with all applicable laws.


The company Hays Czech Republic, s.r.o. has been operating on the Czech market since 1998, has branches in Prague and Brno and is one of the leaders in the field of specialized recruitment. The Hays Group operates in 33 countries on four continents and has approximately 13,000 employees.

New opportunities for your staffing agency as well

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What do our clients say about us?

"We develop and manufacture packaging for all sectors of industry. With the help of Intedat we reached potential customers in the Czech Republic and we are very satisfied with the campaign. From the segments addressed, we are receiving inquiries and requests for supply options."

Michal Turoň

Michal Turoň
Sales Director

"We specialise in the production of machined parts including surface treatments. Intedat offered our capacity to engineering companies in Germany and Switzerland. As a result, new orders exceeding CZK 1 million were placed. We are negotiating with other customers."

Lukáš Jírový

Lukáš Jírový
Managing Director

"I am pleasantly surprised by the result of the cooperation with Intedat. Their approach is professional. The application is very good. It makes it easier to work with leads and has analytics. We have an overview of how many companies have been approached and how many have expressed interest in our products."

Antonín Vlček

Antonín Vlček
Sales Director

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