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How to break the ice with cold contacts

"No, thank you. And don't call me again.” Cold calling isn't for everyone. Nevertheless, it is one of the most effective forms of sales and for many companies also an important part of the business strategy, especially in the B2B segment.


So how do you break the ice and get leads while cold calling? In other words, how to make full use of cold calling and thus find even more satisfied customers?

We have prepared 10 proven tips for you. They won’t guarantee you 100% success, but they will 100% help you turn even more opportunities into closed deals.

What exactly are cold calls?

Cold calls are calls that the other party does not expect in advance.

It is a sales method in which the salesperson addresses potential customers from individuals or companies by telephone. The goal of cold calling is to establish contact , present a product or service, and often arrange another meeting .

Cold calling requires skills and nerves

“Hello, I’d like to introduce…” “We have a special promotion now…” “I’m calling you with a win-win offer that…”

We are all bombarded with one advertisement and one commercial offer after another. And they come even at times when it really doesn’t fit. Naturally, we usually react negatively to them. And sometimes not very friendly.

As a telemarketer, of course you know this. But putting up with the fact that in most cases you will hear a more or less resolute “no” is still not easy.

However, being a “flush” is not the only thing that makes a good trader. A good salesperson is well prepared , empathetic , persuasive and wants to constantly improve .

But we’re getting a little ahead of it.

The Ten Commandments for Successful Cold Calling

1. Set your head

Get to know each other perfectly with the product or service you offer. Name the benefits it brings to clients. If you are not convinced of your offer, you will not be able to convince others.

Rejection doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It’s part of your job. Take it as it is and don’t be afraid of rejection.

2. Prepare a list of potential customers

Don’t rush it. Think about which companies to approach and who could be the competent “decision maker” who is worth contacting with an offer of business cooperation. If relevant, segment your contacts.

Let’s warm up the soup a little here:

We at Intedat will be happy to help you with the right selection of potential customers. We will prepare a unique database of companies (your future clients) exactly according to your specifications. This way you will be sure that you are addressing the right people in the right companies .

Want to know more? Let’s arrange a non-binding meeting .

3. Prepare perfectly

Knowing your product or service perfectly is essential. But don’t stop there. Get to know your future clients as well. Find out what they need and what problem you can solve for them. Individually, for each company separately.

You will find that subsequent phone calls will be much more pleasant.

Also prepare a call script , i.e. a call scenario, which will help you arouse interest and promptly answer the most common questions and objections.

Also set the style and tone of communication with the target group in mind.

4. Think “elevator pitch”

You’ve probably heard the term before. The so-called An “elevator pitch” is a short description of your product or service that you can quickly and easily capture the attention of a potential customer.

Your “elevator pitch” should be short and to the point, and it should highlight the benefits your solution offers.

5. Address the potential customer by name

Personalization goes a long way – this applies to cold calls as well. Therefore, try to find out the name of your potential client and use that name. This will create a more personal and friendly atmosphere .

It is also a good idea to mention the position the person holds in the company at the beginning of the interview and explain why you are contacting him.

6. Be pleasant, empathetic and professional

Ask if the person has time at the moment. If not, agree with him on a specific date that will suit him better.

Try to be as natural and relaxed as possible and at the same time matter-of-fact and professional . Facial expression will also affect the tone of your voice.

Perceive also the tone of voice of the person you are talking to. If you sense he is stressed or irritable, offer to call another time.

7. Sell benefits, not features

We’ll be very honest with you: The features and characteristics of your product or service are of no interest to anyone but you.

For your future clients, only what your solution will bring them is important. They want to simplify their lives. Save time. Save money. So find out what they need, outline the problem they’re actually solving, and show what you can do for them.

8. Offer something extra

Have your USP (unique selling proposition) clearly formulated . Offer your potential customer something your competitors can’t.

At the same time, focus on what can really appeal to your future client – in the B2B segment it can often be something completely different than in retail.

9. Value your time and the time of others

A telemarketer is not a “chatter”. Its goal is to sell a product or service to clients that it will really help.

That’s why it’s so important to choose the right companies and people to reach out to. And if, despite careful selection, it turns out that your solution is not interesting for the given company? Nothing happens at all. The next number can be the number of your future client.

10. Learn, learn, learn

Cold calling is a skill that can be learned. Of course, some people have a greater natural aptitude for it, but the absolute basis is regular training .

Don’t expect miracles from yourself right from the start. Learn from the more experienced, learn from your own mistakes and successes, continuously improve your call script, fine-tune your response to questions and objections.

Ask for feedback. You will find yourself becoming more and more confident with each phone call.

Are cold calls not for you?

If even after reading our article you don’t have a strong desire to start cold contacting, that’s no problem.

In Intedat, we can not only find future customers for you, but also address them on your behalf. Professionally, efficiently and systematically.

Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more.


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