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Do what you do best. Zákazníky vám najde Intedat

What are you really good at as a company? Maybe you provide cleaning services, brew beer or sew clothes. We are also good at getting customers. And we'll be happy to get them for you too.

What is our solution?

We can cover your business process from start to finish and find the right customers for you. You can therefore fully concentrate on the development of your service or product.

At the same time, we will not ditch what already works for you. On the contrary, we adapt to your existing business process and save you energy, time and up to 50% of business costs .

Three steps to new clients

1) We select suitable customers for your products

Based on your requirements and analysis of target groups, we will select the best potential customers from the Czech Republic or abroad.

We put the companies through a thorough sieve in order to reach only the relevant ones for whom your product can really be beneficial.

Where do we get information for market research?

First of all, we start from your input and the data you already have available. We will then update them and enrich them as much as possible using suitable resources.

2) We connect you with the right people

Choosing the right companies is only the first step. The next, and many times more important, is the identification of competent persons – managers, whom you will approach with the offer.

These contacts are not always easily accessible. Therefore, if you would like to call the companies yourself, it can often happen that you are “batted” by secretaries without real decision-making powers.

We will make sure that you talk to really competent people who have a say in the company right away.

Don’t have the time or desire to approach companies?

No problem. We will be happy to contact the selected companies on your behalf by phone or e-mail, based on an agreement with you.

We will prepare the wording of the first contact based on key information from you.

We can contact companies in Czech, German, English or another language.

3) Watch live how we work

We register all selected companies in our web application , which of course you can also access. In the Intedat application:

  • you can track acquisition progress and see which customers have agreed to reach out to them yourself and introduce them to your product or service
  • you can follow the entire business process from the first contact to the conclusion of the contract
  • you have the option to add your own companies that you have contacted and set up alerts on those that are worth further addressing

If you entrust the acquisition process to us, we will hand over to you only those companies that have already agreed to further contact, and are therefore potential customers.

No cold contacting, no rejections – we take care of this phase for you.

With Intedat you save money and time

Our experienced team is ready to start looking for your ideal customers. Thanks to this, you will save money that you would otherwise have to spend on training your own sales team.

And you will also save valuable time that you can devote to improving your product or your current clients.

Would you invest 15 minutes to grow your business?

During a free, non-binding meeting, we will be happy to explain to you how you too can acquire new customers thanks to Intedat.

Contact us.


What potential does our cooperation have?

Wondering whether it would be worthwhile for you to use Intedat?
Give us three minutes and you will find out.

  • We will find out the number of your potential clients or suppliers
  • We will recommend a suitable solution for you
  • Everything is free and without obligation
I want to find out 3 min

Why to expand with us?

  • 10 years of experience
  • 900+ customers
  • 40+ countries
  • Saving time and money
  • Proven procedures
  • GDPR Compliant

What do our clients say about us?

"We develop and manufacture packaging for all sectors of industry. With the help of Intedat we reached potential customers in the Czech Republic and we are very satisfied with the campaign. From the segments addressed, we are receiving inquiries and requests for supply options."

Michal Turoň

Michal Turoň
Sales Director

"We specialise in the production of machined parts including surface treatments. Intedat offered our capacity to engineering companies in Germany and Switzerland. As a result, new orders exceeding CZK 1 million were placed. We are negotiating with other customers."

Lukáš Jírový

Lukáš Jírový
Managing Director

"I am pleasantly surprised by the result of the cooperation with Intedat. Their approach is professional. The application is very good. It makes it easier to work with leads and has analytics. We have an overview of how many companies have been approached and how many have expressed interest in our products."

Antonín Vlček

Antonín Vlček
Sales Director

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